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Whitechapel Finish Work On New Live DVD

Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade has confirmed that the bands crowdfunded live DVD has been completed and is expected to be released in late August/early September.

“Hi all, it is Alex from the band here to issue an update from us personally as Im sure most of you are wondering where we are at with this project.

First, we apologize for the delay in giving you all an update on the progress of the DVD. The reason for this is there were delays in the editing process which were out of our control, and we did not want to keep posting “it will be done soon” updates. We wanted to wait until it was finished and sent to production so we would have a better time frame of when they would be shipping.

Well I’m pleased to include in this update that the DVD is done and being sent to production. As long as everything goes according to plan we are hoping to ship the perk items/DVDs in late august/early september. We apologize for the couple of months delay in delivery but we wanted to make sure the DVD was the best that it could be for our fans, and as an apology, every DVD will now also include a live audio CD from the live show portion as well. We hope that the contributors accept this extra disc as an apology for the slight delay and know that we love our fans and appreciate their dedication in helping us make this DVD a reality.

For those that need to change their shipping address, we will be sending a mass e-mail before we ship the perks that will allow you to change your shipping address and/or shirt size, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you”